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Being 6'10", I am an agent that is head and shoulders above the rest, quite literally. Whether you are buying or selling, you can depend on my experience and hands on knowledge to help you get the most money from your investment. They say, "Never trust a skinny cook", and a real estate agent that doesn't know what a "header" and "AFCI breaker" is and why they are used. I am engaged in my own rental homes, I flip houses, and coaching others to do the same, so I am good at identifying the strengths and problems that could influence your decisions. I enjoy my business and would like to make your transaction both fun and prosperous.


My Background: I made Eagle Scout at 17 at the same time as 10 of my friend in my troop, setting the state record. I was 6'10 as a junior in high school and as uncoordinated as i was, I played Varsity Basketball at Sumner. Right out of high school I worked as an electrician. As an electrician on a job site, buyers would ask me questions that easily stumped their real estate agents. I decided that with my construction back ground, I had knowledge that would make me a valuable real estate agent. As the Afghanistan war heated up, I joined the US Army and served as an Air Traffic Controller in OEF. I am now retired from the Army and moved back home to Washington. I went back to real estate but focused on investing and flipping properties. Since then I have expanded to teaching others and developed a niche to maximize profits for sellers.